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RD Exam Study Guides

Updated: Jan 18

The following are the resources I used to pass the RD exam:

The Review of Dietetics by Hess & Hunt

I first discovered the Review of Dietetics, a 500 page spiral book by Hess & Hunt, during my dietetic internship. It was sitting on the shelf in an outpatient dietitian's office that I was interning with. She told me that this was her one and only study tool she used for the RD exam which she passed first try. She allowed me to thumb through it. I discovered that this is not only a great resource for the exam, but this is the type of book you want to keep as a practicing dietitian as all the basics of dietetics are covered whenever you need it.

The Review of Dietetics is updated every 3 years. And don't forget that if you have a college email address (.edu), you can get Amazon Prime at a discount. Then you will be able to have this book shipped to you for free.

The following are resources others have used to pass the RD exam:

Quizlets is a great resource for preparing for exams.

Here are quizlets made by various people who ultimately passed the RD exam:

Messages from others on what they did to pass the RD exam:

"Finally, I passed today!🙏🙏🙏 How I studied and what worked for me: 1) Whenever I could I was studying, answering questions, every day 2) I used Inman, EatRight Prep, and Pocket Prep 3) I have elaborated many questions to test myself; I wrote many concepts in two notebooks.

Suggestions that may help you:

1) Study consistently, even 30 minutes per day. 2) Try to answer 50 questions per day; 3) Research the concepts in books and transcribe them to a notebook or create flashcards. 4) Pay attention to the subjects that are your weaknesses, research in books, answer many exercises until you feel that you understand them. 5) The subjects you master, review them too, because your highest score will come from it.

For those who have difficulties, whether you have baby, children who require your attention, or because you work hard and do not have time to study or face illness in the family, like me. I want to tell you that despite all the difficulties, you can. Remember: Your dream is greater than your barriers. Believe in yourself. Much love💝" - K.P., facebook

"I PASSED MY EXAM TODAY! My advice to everyone taking the RD exam: The CDR practice exams and the EatRightPREP exams are your best places to practice from. Jean Inman is where you should get your information/facts from. Join a small study group if available, or start one! Having a support system is vital. Most of all: be confident. I put "*my name*, RDN, CLC" on the top of my paper, wrote out all of my memorized material on the first page before starting the tutorial, and prayed." - N.T., facebook

"The 2018 Jean Inman course which includes USB recordings of her lectures and question/answer sheets was the only resource I used to pass the RD exam on the first try." - A.C., facebook

"I used the Hess & Hunt Review book as my main study guide along with Eat right prep and passed my first time." - G.T., facebook


Good luck and best wishes to all those preparing for the RD exam!

... but what happen if you don't pass? Don't fret! Just read this article!


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