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The Review of Dietetics not only helped me prepare for the RD exam, it is a great resource to have as a practicing dietitian!  

Every dietitian and intern needs one of these!  Part of the nutrition assessment is monitoring a patient's drugs for nutrition interactions which there are many!

I have used these and needed more!  Easy stick on tabs to keep your notes organized and can easily write on them to label your sections.  Great to use with the Jean Inman.

Colorful, smooth-writing pens makes note-taking much more interesting. I am a loyal fan of these!

My favorite backpack that got me through undergrad and grad school.  It has pads that lay between your back and your textbooks, a laptop holder, and it is water resistant for those rainy days when we still have to walk to class!

A simple, affordable measuring tape to measure waist circumference!  Help track weight loss and risk of comorbidities such as the Metabolic Syndrome.
A clipboard with dietetic tips and calculations - Perfect for the hospital internship rotation. Thank me later!

This insightful book helps you discover your own aptitudes. Then use them to advocate for yourself in a job interview! Don't forget to negotiate a nice salary for yourself as well. You deserve it, and so does our field.

Pepperoni that is nitrate-free? Sign me up! This is an easy protein snack or addition to a charcuterie board for a great price.

Host a party with your new friends at the internship - charcuterie is all the rage.

Encourage water intake with this16 oz Tervis cup with a citrus theme to keep on your desk.

It takes bravery to face the RD exam.  Wear this as a talisman!

Cute as heck lemon name badge reel - and a great conversation starter as lemons are an excellent source of citrate which prevents kidney stones and more.

Name badge reel for your name tag and a few for your classmates!  Promote vitamin c and pineapples when you sport this name tag!

A cool broccoli name badge reel to promote greens and magnesium to hang your name tag on!

Avocado name badge reel - no fear of healthy fat here!  Get a source of magnesium and satiation with this super fruit!

The bananas name tag reel is such a cute conversation starter.

Grapes and flavenoids does a body good.  Here is a name tag reel that will point to your purpose!

amazon prime student savage nutritionist

Order your textbooks with free 2-day shipping with a free 6-months prime student membership trial!  Totally worth it. Trust me.  All you need is a college email address.

Dietetic students/interns are notoriously busy and overworked. Audio-versions of books can enable learning on the go when in the car on your way to the next rotation!

Can't decide which name badge reel to get? This set comes with 4!

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